A special Friday November 13 at the Barrière casinos

On the occasion of the last Friday the 13th of 2015, several Barrière casinos are mobilizing to organize special evenings dedicated to this lucky day.

In the world of gambling, Friday the 13th is the best day to try your luck. It is the day of all chances in certain beliefs. Those who believe in superstitions fear this Friday, while others find in Friday the 13th an additional chance to hit the jackpot at the online betting singapore. Friday November 13 will be the last lucky day of this year. And in the Barrière casinos, we will celebrate this day with special evenings.

In the Casino Barrière in Toulouse , the 13 will be in the spotlight during the evening of this Friday. The Café restaurant as well as the Fouquet’s brasserie offer dice games allowing you to win slot machine tokens corresponding to the value of the bill. During the dice roll, if a customer finds the combination of numbers 4-2-1, that customer wins.

At the Barrière casino in Cap d’Agde , € 1,000 in chips as well as many gifts are to be won during Friday, November 13th. The chance to win prizes will continue over the weekend during which luck and the number 13 will be in the spotlight. All 13 clients will be offered a special prize. There will also be an endowment for English Roulette whenever it is rolled out. Those with a birthday with a 13 of the month will also receive free tokens. Many activities are also on the program at the Cap d’Agde casino.

In the Barrière casino in Ribeauvillé , prizes and tokens are also to be won. Thus, upon entry, a scratch card is given to each player who will be able with “luck” to win up to € 1,000 in chips or a gift. People with the gambling e wallet casino singapore‘s loyalty card will be entitled to a second ballot. This will double their chance of having tokens. A Big Free Game is also organized during the weekend.

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